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Restaurant CMOs: How to attract the right guests and keep them coming back

Mike Vichich
created on
Jul 07, 2017

Marketing means different things to different brands, from brand building to guest acquisition to driving frequency. 

Regardless of your brand's marketing orientation, Wisely's eBook One Guest, All Day gives practical advice on how to create brand awareness with the right guests (read: potential for many visits), acquire them, and keep them coming back often. It's sure to pique the interest of restaurant marketers and CMOs.

Topics include:

  • Guest activation: How to convert first time diners into regulars
  • Guest insight: How to capture data from Ops to drive enhanced Marketing audience targeting and message personalization
  • Shoulder Demand Generation: How to fill the restaurant at non-peak times
  • Pricing: How to pick the price that maximizes customer lifetime value
  • Brand Awareness: How to create awareness with guests that matter
  • Guest Acquisition Channels: How to systematically test which marketing channels will bring the most new guests
  • Guest Acquisition Cost: How to balance Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisition Cost, thus optimizing guest-level economics

The world of marketing looks much different than it did just a two short years ago. The biggest revolutionary change is the extent to and ease with which Operations and Marketing can now function as a completely integrated team. Marketing can achieve better results, if it had access to Ops data. Likewise with Ops. 

If you're a restaurant marketer looking for inspiration or fresh ideas for growth, we suggest you take a look—and please let us know what you think.


One Guest, All Day