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How to Change Your Restaurant’s Google Reservations Link

Mike Vichich
created on
Sep 29, 2017

Historically, OpenTable has had a strangle hold on restaurants, because it had an integration with Google's Knowledge Card (the thing on the right side of a search result that has information about a location).

When a guest Googled a restaurant name, OpenTable sneakily redirected the guest to OpenTable. Guests didn't care, but it cost restaurants $1 per cover, instead of the $.25 per cover for resos made through the restaurant's own website. 



No more sneakiness.

Google recently updated Google My Business so that restaurants can now add their own custom reservations URLs. Such a simple change could save restaurants hundreds of dollars per month in unnecessary reservations fees.

Here's how to configure a custom reservations URL

  1. Sign into Google My Business.
  2. Choose the restaurant you want to edit.
  3. Click into the URLs section.
  4. Add the link to your reservations page.
  5. Click Apply.

Here's what our friends at Barcelona Wine Bar did:



Thanks to this one small change by Google, restaurants using OpenTable can save hundreds of dollars each month.

To reach out about Wisely's Restaurant Reservations system, or to figure out how to integrate Wisely, with Google, click the "Request Demo" button above.