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8 Ways POS Integration Takes Ops & Marketing to the Next Level

Mike Vichich
created on
Oct 30, 2016

8 Ways POS Integration Takes Ops & Marketing to the Next Level


We humans are unique in our ability to develop tools that increase production for each unit of work. It all began with simple machines: wheels, levers, and so on. 


Most restaurateurs would agree, however, that the POS is far from a simple machine. It's a mission critical piece of technology, yet it's usually antiquated. Most operators know they're leaving money on the table, but the cost of switching is just too high. 


We've built a way to keep your existing Micros, Aloha, Positouch, or DinerWare Point of Sale, and still unlock new possibilities in Ops & Marketing.


In this post, we'll explore eight ways POS integration can increase productivity, and grow your bottom line.


POS Integration: What data is available?


At a high level, Wisely is capable of reading and writing to the Point of Sale. This means we record what's on every guest check — items bought, prices, server name, time, and more. If it's on the check, we record it. Second, we can conditionally update the guest check based on a trigger being met in our system. Let's explore eight Operations and Marketing use cases that apply to casual and upscale casual restaurants. 




1. Guest experience

You're a restaurant that cares about hospitality, and wants to make a lasting impression on your guests. Wisely makes it possible for every server to know every guest's preferences. Wisely records information from each guest check, and associates it with a user in our system. Then, we look for patterns in the data. Does the guest ask for the same modification on multiple visits? Do they order the same drinks or food? What is their average feedback rating? When a party is sat from the waitlist and reservation system, a check is automatically be created in the POS. The check is titled with the guest's name and number of visits. Any other relevant information for the staff is created as a comment in the guest check (comments aren't sent to the kitchen, nor are they printed on the guest check). This way, from the moment a guest sits down, the waitstaff will know their preferences. Data is transferred among all your restaurants, too. From the moment you install Wisely, you can retire the chit printer. 


Micros Aloha Positouch POS Integration | Wisely Table Management


2. Labor savings

If you're using a table management system today, you may have staff dedicated to updating table statuses. 51 is on entrees. 23 is on dessert. Check closed out at 101. Since we're plugged into the POS, Wisely automatically knows the status of every table in real-time. We estimate that each restaurant could save $464 / month in labor, simply by automating table status updates. Calculation: 1 person * 16 hrs / week * $7.25 = $464 savings per month. 


3. Maximizing dining room efficiency 

On top of reducing labor expense, you can increase profit by reducing the amount of time tables sit empty during turns. Suppose guests at your restaurant take, on average, 20 minutes between getting dessert and leaving. Now, it's Friday night, 45 minute wait, and you have 3 tables that just ordered dessert. Said differently, you'll be getting 3 tables back in the next 20 mins or so. If a guest has left the building, you can page them with enough lead time so that when they arrive, the table will have just been cleaned and set. After all, Restaurants only make money when a table's full. We've seen improving table turn times by 7% results in 2% growth.


4. Predicting accurate wait times for guests

Related to the prior point, imagine it takes 45 mins to cook a deep dish pizza. If everyone in the dining room ordered one at the same time, your waittime should increase accordingly. The opposite is true, too. Wait times shouldn't be predicted based on averages. Instead, they should be calculated in real-time, based on the current situation in the dining room. 


5. Server & menu feedback 

Wisely collects feedback from guests after each visit, and can associate it with the server and items purchased. Within a month, you'll have a data-driven way to have training & menu design conversations with your team. 





6. Rewards 

If you're running a rewards program, one of the most common challenges is creating benefits that are easily managed at the restaurant-level. The sky's the limit here, but Wisely can automatically fire complimentary items into the kitchen, or automatically apply a price change. For example, if your rewards program includes an "extended happy hour" benefit, the eligible guest can have that applied to their check automatically.


7. Engaging Guests Outside the Restaurant

You changed your fish supplier or added a new local farm to your supplier list. As a result, you have some tasty new dishes on your menu, and you want to let the right guests know. Wisely can segment guests into categories, based on their behavior (i.e. beer drinker, whiskey lover, healthy eater, etc.), then you can send highly targeted and relevant email messages. 


8. Targeted Guest Acquisition

Facebook lookalike audiences allow for marketers to target like never before. Wisely will start collecting data based on who your guests are, so that you can reach prospective new guests that are affiliated with your core segments. This allows marketers to expand their reach with high-precision targeting. As an example, let's say you're a large restaurant group focused on italian food. Wisely would collect data on which guests, for example, love noodle dishes and automatically allow you to target lookalikes of that segment on Facebook or Instagram. 


With Wisely's POS integration, restaurants can reduce busy work, and enhance ops & marketing like never before. If you'd be interested in exploring Wisely's POS integration at your restaurants, please request a demo. You can also see how Wisely improves restaurant operations and marketing


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Wisely empowers restaurant groups to grow and sustain profitability by acquiring valuable new guests, converting them into regulars, and keeping them happy for life. Our software is easy-to-use and enhances productivity, so staff can focus on what really matters. For more information or media inquiries, please contact us at hello@getwisely.com.